Wednesday, 21 October 2015

100 Word Challenge

This week our prompt for our 100 word challenge was felt like.... We had to use these words in our story. Here are some of our 100 word challenges.

Dear Dumb Dairy, It all started when… One cold evening I went for a walk down to the closets shop. Mum told me I can spend five dollars. When I got to the shop, there was a big long line. I went to get me a drink and then a man came up to me and said, " DO YOU HAVE SOME MONEY". I was so scared, I said nothing to him. He asked me again, I went quickly into the line to pay for my drink. When I payed for it, I open it and I drank it. My drink felt like fizzy coming down my throat.
By Jordana

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  1. Room 2 what is a 100 word challenge? Is it hard or easy?