Friday, 21 February 2014

Week 4 Reflection

What: On Monday it was our first day of our Literacy Contract. Once we have completed our first task we got to tick it off the record sheet. We like that we get to sit wherever we want. A quiet spot is best to work!
On Tuesday, we put our car colour data onto our computers and we got to choose different graphs. The pie graph was pretty cool! On Wednesday, we were spoilt because Ms O'Connor bought the whole entire school an ice block to eat. We ate it under the trees at the end of the day! Miss Kirkwood was our teacher on Wednesday. On Thursday, we got to create our own fans because we were soooooo hot! 

So what: At swimming some of us learnt how to freestyle in the pool. We have also learnt that swimming is just as important as all our other subjects.

Now what: Next week we'd like to get all our literacy contract tasks completed and finished by Friday so we don't have to go to work finishing and so we can have 'flying free' time on our computers! We also want to work hard on Khan Academy by achieving the stars. 

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