Friday, 22 November 2013


Today Room 6 had their first session at the Boys and Girls Gym Club. We had so much fun learning how to do a 'motorbike' landing. We were all so excited about being able to jump into the foam pit!

Room 6 listening hard and carefully to the instructions.

 Mikayla, Kainoa and Kairi demonstrating a good motorbike landing. 

Girls turn to jump forwards and land correctly.

  Boys turn to jump forwards and land correctly.

 Makaiden demonstrating a great motorbike landing!

 Having fun jumping and landing in the foam pit.

 Running along the Air Track.

Tia jumping on the very bouncy trampoline. You have to wear socks on this special trampoline!

 Leah swinging on the bar.

  Jeannie swinging upside down on the bar.

  Keisha doing a forwards roll.

                                          Jayden being brave and swinging on the rope.

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  1. Jeannie, you have been asking me what my favourite games were when I went to school and your picture reminds me, I loved playing on the bars, doing all kinds of turns and twirls!