Thursday, 4 July 2013

WHS Dance Visit

On Thursday last week, room 6 were very lucky to have a special visit. We all walked to Wanganui High School to watch some year 12 students do their dances. Not only did we get to watch some dances were also got to participate in their warm up and have a look around the dance and drama rooms. We saw huge mirrors which help the students dance and we also saw a huge projector which they can watch dance videos on. 

Here is some stories Room 6 Busy Bugs wrote:

Today we walked to Whanganui High School. Frist we went to have a look around WHS. Then we had to warm up. When they performed they danced a contemporary dance. They did fabulous, excellent and awesome dancing. There was mostly girls and one boy called Shack. They had to use hats for their props. We use cloths for our props. After that, we showed them our dance. Then we came back to school.
Chloe - Rm 6

Today we walked to Wanganui High School slowly to watch the teenagers dance. We saw a big mirror on the wall. Then we did the carwash dance for them. 
Fletcher - Rm 6

Today we went to WHS. We went there because we wanted to see their dances. We saw them do some rock and roll and a contemporary dance. All the girls did some contemporary dancing. Some people got up and danced, but i did not get up and do it. then we did the carwash dance. Everybody got up and did it. It was really fun!
Gemma - Rm 6

Today we walked to Wanganui High School. they lady showed us the dance and drama room. First they did a awesome and incredible dance!! Next they did a dance called a contemporary dance. then they did a rock and roll dance. When they did the rock and roll dance we were sitting on the stage. After they did the dance we did our carwash dance. When we were going we said "bye" and "thank you". It was fun!
Kairi - Rm 6

This is a photo of use joining in on the WHS students warm up:

A video of us doing the warm up:


  1. Good luck for your assembly item today Room 6! :)

  2. Thank you Room 4! We hopefully upload a video to our blog so you can watch it again!

  3. Wow, that would keep you all fit! lots of arm and leg movement going on- looking forward to tuesday evening!