Thursday, 6 June 2013

Spooky Spirit Day at Carlton School!

On Friday it was Spooky Friday and we had to dress as very scary characters so we could scare people. I had a skeleton suit and a skeleton mask. - Travis

Spooky Friday is when you dress up. People can dress up like a lion, an animals or something scary. Spooky Friday is like Halloween. You might get candy or something sweet. Be anything you want because you can choose and if you are stuck ask someone to help you. You will love it so ask your school for a Spooky Friday and be awesome! P.s. dress your best! - Jeannie

On Spooky Friday everyone was dressing up as something spooky like vampires, zombies, ghosts, witches and devils. Before morning tea we had a costume parade. - Kairi

On Spooky Spirit Day we had a big parade and it was heaps of fun. I was dressed as a vampire. I had flour in my hair and food colouring painted on me! -Makaiden


  1. Miss Thiele looks pretty scary- where did she park her broom that day?!

  2. Wow Room 6 I like spooky spirit day costumes.